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President's Message

Happy New Year! I am starting this new year of 2019 with a new way of aquiring education and a new-found ability to use my time better. I know that I am late to this party but I just discovered podcasts, audible books, and the ability to listen to any NAPO meeting that I missed while I am driving. So for the time being I have set aside my constant listening to classic rock and I am using my car time to enrich my professional life. 

The first thing I did was catch up on all the great NAPO podcasts. These are a treasure trove of information. And it is so good to hear the voices of all the NAPO members I know by name and reputation. This link will take you to

I accidently found out that I have credits on Audible. Who knew that getting books on Kindle made me eligible for freebies! Now I am listening to more of the books recomended by NAPO that I have not had time to sit still and read.  

Eventually I will get back to the Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, The Who, and my other rock and roll favorites, but for now I am growing and expanding my organzing life. How about you? 

Looking forward to "seeing" you at the next meeting.

June Carter, GYST* Solutions
President, NAPO Virtual Chapter



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Welcome New Members & More

New Members!

Welcome to our newest NAPO VC members 
for the month of December 2018:

Yve Irish - Professional Organizing by Yve Irish - Pittsford, NY

Susan Emory - Clean Mind Clean Soul - Riverhead, NY

Angie Hyche - Shipshape Solutions - Kingsport, TN

Heidi Glastetter - Heidi's Organizing Services - Fox Island, WA

Amy Nelson - Simplify Experts - Redmond, WA

Cena Block - Sane Spaces, LLC - Milford, PA

Jeri Wolf - Coach Jeri - Centennial, CO

Elizabeth Goodsell - That's Neat Organizing - Arlington, MA

Stacia Camby - Basic Organization - Centreville, VA

Deborah Stachura - ORG-IT - Oakmont, PA


Thanks To Our First 10 Members To Renew Their 2019 Membership!

Marina Mahnken - DeClutter My Clutter
Tanya Whitford - Organizing Wonders
Audrey Lavine - Life Support Systems
Maggie Jackson - The Organized Life
Donna Goldberg - The Organized Student
Laura Kavinsky - Crux Organizing
Wendy Samuel - Clutter Therapy LLC
Sharon Lowenheim - Organizing Goddess
Gail Furgal - Outta Sight Organizing LLC
Kristin Van Dusen - Design and Conquer


Membership Renewals

All current memberships were up for renewal on December 31. If you haven't renewed your Virtual Chapter membership, please be sure to do so. Membership dues are $60 and can be paid through the link in the email or on the Member Area page, "Renew Your Membership" link. Our guest speaker in January is Vicki Dellaquila and you won't want to miss hearing her! If your membership is not up to date, you will have to pay a fee to join the meeting. We hope you will continue your Virtual Chapter membership with all the benefits it has to offer! 

Member Profiles

Have you changed your name or business information lately? Please check your profile on our website and make any necessary corrections or updates. Also be sure you have whitelisted in your email program so you always receive Virtual Chapter communications.


All NAPO VC members, new and current, and guests are invited to join the next NAPO VC Member Orientation, an interactive conference call. Learn about our Virtual Chapter website, CEUs, VC POINT, and more. Bring your questions!

The next orientation is scheduled for Monday, January 21, 7:00 PM ET. Click on the "Meetings" tab of NAPO - Virtual Chapter and find the Orientation GoToWebinar link to register for this Virtual Chapter event.  

Do you need to be congratulated?

Do you have exciting news about you and your business you would like to share? Let me know at so our Virtual Chapter members can celebrate with you. 

Promote the Virtual Chapter!

It's the start of a new year and more educational opportunities! Do you know a NAPO member who is not a member of a chapter? Tell them about the benefits of your Virtual Chapter membership and encourage them to join us.

  • Up to 12 new CEU-worthy presentations every year
  • Access to NAPO conference recordings from 2014 - 2018
  • VC Book Club
  • Listing in the VC membership directory
  • And more!

Direct prospective members to our JOIN page. New members can join for $60 (plus a one time $10 fee). 

Got questions?  Email a board member!

Jane Cole, CPO® 
Happy Home Organizing Solutions LLC 

Membership Director, NAPO Virtual Chapter



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Kudos & Congrats

Congratulations TO OUR VC MEMBERS!

We have many Virtual Chapter members who are achieving excellent things! I love seeing the names of our members being recognized.

Members Receiving Certificates From NAPO:

Cathy Van Volkenberg - Life Transitions
Stephanie McGrath - Life Transitions

Our Newest 

Barbara Trapp
Alexis Boccanfuso
Nacho Eguiarte

Golden Circle Recognition:

Nacho Eguiarte - 5 yrs
Lori Brandes - 15 yrs

 **** Congrats to all of you! ****

If you have something to celebrate, please email We do our best to catch our membership doing great things, but please let us know if we've missed something!


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NAPO VC Resources

One of the great benefits of your NAPO VC membership is access to  past VC programs! Thanks to Angela Turner, our volunteer Education Archivist, you can search for monthly meetings by topic using keywords at this link Past Meetings by Topic. Login to, click on “Resources” and then on “Education Archive”!

If you missed NAPO 2018 Annual Conference, get ready for NAPO 2019



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Upcoming Meeting Information


January 14, 2019, from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (Eastern)

Chronic Disorganization

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Tech Talk


Got receipts? Of course, you do! Receipts can easily get out of hand, especially when you are required to keep track of them for tax purposes. For you, the business owner or your overwhelmed client, Shoeboxed is a neat solution for managing receipts.

Shoeboxed utilizes a Magic Envelope--love the name and concept here--you just stuff it with your receipts, send it off and Shoeboxed does the rest! They scan your receipts into IRS-accepted receipt images that are fully searchable and available anytime, anywhere. Shoeboxed allows you to easily prepare and send expense reports and helps you get organized for tax season. Shoeboxed offers integration with almost every popular accounting program as well as Evernote. But wait, there’s more…Shoeboxed can also organize your business cards and track your mileage. Check it out at

Tech Talk by Alexis Boccanfuso, clutter|phobe

Products or services presented in Tech Talk do not constitute an endorsement and are only offered for informational purposes. 

Do you have some favorite tech you’d like to share with your fellow Virtual Chapter members? Maybe you have a tech question that you’ve been afraid to ask? Let us know and your favorite tech or tech question may be featured in an upcoming issue of the Virtual Chapter newsletter. Click here to submit your tech tips, suggestions or questionsYou must be logged in to the NAPO VC website to submit!


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