Volunteer Opportunities & Incentive Program

The Virtual Chapter is excited to announce a new volunteer incentive program.  The Virtual Chapter is one of NAPO's largest chapters and offers its members premiere educational opportunities.  In order for us to continue giving our members this premium experience, we need volunteers!  The more we have, the better experience we can offer to all members and the lighter the load for all of our volunteers.

Starting with the next Board term (May 15, 2018-May 15, 2019), any board member or committee member that completes their volunteer commitment will receive a free year's membership to the Virtual Chapter at their next renewal date.  So if you volunteer during this time period, you will receive a certificate for a free renewal that you can use when your membership is up in December of 2019 good for the Jan-Dec 2020 membership year.

Are you interested in volunteering now?  Here are the current board positions and committee opportunities that are available.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please let us know soon.  Send an email to directoratlarge@napovc.com  if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering.

Board Positions:

  Vice President

  • Act in place of the President when the President is absent or unable to act
  • Perform other duties as requested and/or delegated by the President



  • Must be located in the U.S.A. for banking reasons
  • Record, prepare, disseminate and maintain minutes of the Chapter Board of Directors meetings and Chapter Membership meetings
  • Maintain Chapter historical records and operations documents (Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Manual)
  • Send Chapter Membership meeting and Board of Directors meeting minutes to NAPO headquarters within thirty (30) days after each meeting

  Directory of Communication and Technology

  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Electronic communications
  • Supervise social networking activities for the Chapter


Committee Members:

  RejuVCnation Volunteers (3 positions available)

Description: Call members that have not attended meetings and encourage attendance. 
Skill requirements: Friendly, positive, and knowledgeable about the benefits of membership in VC.

Time commitment: 2 hours twice/3 times per year. 
Works with: Director of Membership

  Director of Communications & Technology (DCT) Committee Members

Description:  Several DCT Committee roles are vacant. Tasks vary from making sure everyone who registers for our monthly meetings is sent the access link (clerical), to updating the website each month so members can easily register for future meetings (mostly clerical -- ever-so-slightly techy), to running the monthly meetings behind-the-scenes via GoToWebinar (every-so-slightly techy). Processes are documented in step-by-step detail. 
Skill requirements: Eagerness to learn and help others. Many tasks are clerical in nature, but some benefit from a bit of technical aptitude, or at least technical interest/curiousity. 

Time commitment:  1 - 6 hours per month depending on how many tasks you wish to take on. 
Works with: Director of Communications & Technology

  Membership Renewals Volunteers (3 positions available)

Description: Call members that do not renew in January to encourage renewal or to find out why they didn't renew.
Skill requirements: Friendly, positive, and knowledgeable about the benefits of membership in VC.

Time commitment: 2 hours in January
Works with: Director of Membership