Volunteer Opportunities & Incentive Program



Receive a free year membership by volunteering for a board or committee position.

Any board member or committee member that completes their volunteer commitment during a board term (May 15 current year to the following May 15) will receive a free year membership to the Virtual Chapter at their next renewal date following the end of the term.  For example, a member that volunteers during May 15, 2018 through May 15, 2019 that member will receive a certificate for a free renewal that can be used when your membership is up in December of 2019 (good for the Jan-Dec 2020 membership year.)

Open Board Positions:

  Vice President

  • Act in place of the President when the President is absent or unable to act
  • Perform other duties as requested and/or delegated by the President


  Directory of Communication and Technology

  • Electronic communications
  • Supervise social networking activities for the Chapter


Open Committee Positions:

Email directoratlarge@napovc.com  if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering.